Administration of the Firm

Board of Directors

Mrs. Saleha Tasmin

Mrs. Saleha Tasmin is the Chairman of Green Peak Holdings Limited and a Director of Gencon International Limited. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in English Literature from Chittagong University, followed by Masters from the same institution.

Md. Shamsul Islam

Managing Director
Lieutenant Colonel Md. Shamsul Islam, psc (Retired) is the Managing Director of the company. He is a Masters from both National University, Bangladesh and Madras University, India. He also obtained his MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka.

Administration of the Firm

Green Peak Holdings Ltd. (GPHL) is presently governed by the Board of Directors. The Managing Director runs the routine functions of the company on behalf of the board. The company, though small, is fully staffed with a first rate managerial and technical professionals. Management organogram of GPHL is given below: 

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Company Name : Green Peak Holdings Ltd. 
Legal Status : Private Limited Company
Year of Establishment : 2011
Chairman : Mrs. Saleha Tasmin
Managing Director : Lieutenant Colonel Md. Shamsul Islam, psc (Retd)