A common style and theme

While designing your interior décor and furniture details, we like to think the whole unit as a totality. We, therefore, emphasize that a common style and theme should run throughout, so that individual design elements complement each other to strengthen the whole composition.

Light, color, shade and air

The play of light, color, shade and air gives beautiful and comfortable effects to any space. Creative use of ambient and artificial lights and intelligent spacing of furniture will transform a space into a bright, airy and cheerful area that will be most soothing and smart.

Interior & Furniture
Interior & Furniture

Less is more

Often, interior decorators emphasize on heavy work covering all nooks and corners, purely on business consideration. Our approach is rather the opposite; we shall figure out a solution that will reduce the work and yet, will fulfill your functional needs and be aesthetically attractive.

Space that describes your personality

Interior décor makes a strong statement of your inner personality. Failing to match your personality to the way you live or work causes stress. Through intensive interaction, our designers will try to capture your personality and create design that best suits your inner needs.

Workmanship, cost and after-sale service

Our workers can produce high quality interior works and furniture at the most reasonable cost. We also help you to re-design and re-use your existing furniture. With us, you will save cost for moving into a new home or work place. We also offer free after-sale service for one year.

Space management

Space management has become the most crucial factor of interior design in today’s urban environment. Our design solution will accommodate all your functional needs and yet, will not make your home or work place unduly cluttered and overbearing.